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Pole Dance Price list

Lesson 60 min 1 lesson 10 lessons
price for members of B1F Club 110,- 1.000,-
price for owners of months pass to B1F „Mendlák“, Václavská 6 130,- 1.200,-
others 190,- package*
*Packages   Per lesson
7 entrances / valid for 2 months 1 300,- 186-
14 entrances / 3 months 2 400,- 171,-
25 entrances / 5 months 4 000,- 160,-

Pole Dance is highly addictive. If you come once, you have to come again. Dancing on the bar combines elements of many styles and gymnastics using special rods. Perfectly shapes the body and strengthens the whole body evenly. You will feel sexy and look great. Get ready to also to peak the interest of men in your area. On the pole you will find everything you expect from the sport.

Pole Dance lessons take place in the luxurious surroundings of BIG ONE FITNESS Club.


Trainers for Pole Dance

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The lessons are devided into free levels:

A = beginners

  • You should be able to: no need for previous experience with pole dance
  • You will learn: do basic turns and their combinations, different types of climbing, and a variety of sit-ups on the bar, you will be prepared to do the basic inverts, armpit hold tricks and other basic elements

B = Intermediate

  • You should be able to: do basic turns, climbing, lying and sitting position on the pole, the do basic air invert (called V)
  • You will learn: outside leg hang (Gemini), inside leg hang (scorpio), cupid, hip hold, butterfly, basic combination of elements, you will be prepared to do shouldermount, pencil and start rehearsing twisted GIRP hand spring, and other advanced tricks

C = Advanced

  • You should be able to: do Gemini, Scorpio, butterfly, cupid
  • You will learn: complex elements such as twisted spring hand grip, elbow grip, aysha, shloudermount, pencil, you will be able to do complex combinations of tricks, as well as tricks where flexibility is important and legs and back, for example: jade, russian split, cocoon and other very difficult tricks

Pole Flexi

–  exercise with pole for anyone who wants to have flexible back and legs. Suitable for beginners and advanced. Ideal for Pole Dance dancers.

Pole Workout

– power exercises and functional training with pole.