Price list of B1F Club

Address: Benešova 14, Brno

We accept Multisport card for B1F Club, Benešova 14 fitness/wellness/classes and for B1F Mendlák, Václavská 6 for fitness and classes. fully covered. For a stay longer than 100min. it s 120,-extra.

We receive payments with Flexi Pass Card and Multi Pass Card.

The price list is valid from 1st February 2024

 * pay 6 months membership till 17:00 + get 1 month FREE

price /month

type of membership

1.900,- full membership
1.500,- full membership, if paid for 3 months in advance (= 4.500,-/3months)
1.300,- full membership, if paid for 6 months in advance (= 7.800,-/6months)
1.000,- every day till 17:00 (necessary to leave latest at 17:00)*
700,- weekends (only Sat, Sun)*


Single entrances

300,- whole day entrance -fitness + wellness + classes
180,- 100 min. entrance (for a stay longer than 100min. it’s 120,- extra)
140,- class
190,- pole dance class

Entrance passes

1.400,- 11 classes
2.800,- 13x full day entrances -gym, wellness, classes
1.950,- 13x 100 min. entrances -gym, wellness, classes

Trainings with personal trainer

1 x personal training 560,-/60 min.  
1 x personal training for two 700,-/60min.  
10x personal trainings 5.300,- 530,-/training
20x personal trainings 10.000,- 500,-/training
30 x personal trainings 13.800,- 460,-/training

The validity of the credit and personal training package is 1 year from the purchase.

 Other services

200,- InBody meassuring (analysis of body composition)
250,- Detailed InBody measuring (including internal fat, metabolic age of your body, body circumference in cm …)

Training plan

price includes:initial meeting with personal trainer 90 minutes. including personal training in the gym:- Analysis of client’s requirements- Setting goals of training plan- 1 training with personal trainer 60 min. including access to the gym B1F Mendlák, Václavská 6(for members of B1F Club, possibility of training at B1F Club, Benešova 14)Sending a plan electronically within 10 working days.Final consultation answering questions -20 minutes.


Nutrition plan

price includes:initial meeting with a personal trainer 60 min.:- Analysis of client’s requirements- Setting goals of nutrition plan- Measurement of inner composition of the body on InBody machineSending a plan electronically within 10 working days. Final consultation – answering questions – 20 minutes.

30,- parking/2hours, every other hour for extra 30,-
10,- solarium/1 min.
30,- bath towel
50,- bath robe or bed sheet for sauna
50,- whirpool/ 20 min.
2.200,- Nutrition plan customized by a doctor
700,- Follow-up consultation with the doctor
5.000,- Long-term cooperation for 8 weeks with the doctor

Discounts and bonuses for corporate and group memberships or when paying more months in advance.

For more information contact manager Sylva Vajčnerová, tel.: +420 606 390 907

Membership includes:

– Unlimited access to both centers of  BIG ONE FITNESS (Benešova 14 + Václavská 6)

– Over 60  lessons per week * See timetables

– Wellness center at Benešova 14 (3 types of sauna – Steam 50 ° C, Finnish 80 ° C, Finnish 110 ° C, heated roman benches, salt stones from the Dead Sea, icy waterfall, classic showers, terrace with views + private whirlpools **)

Memberships can be:

– Suspended at any time if you are not coming for more than 14 days,  you need to inform us in advance via e-mail***

– Exchanged for other services***

* Additional charges for classes with only a small number of people, max. 8 people. with coach + special equipment – Pole Dance 50 – /1 lesson

**Whirlpool 50, – /person/20 min. – clean water for every client

*** this option is not possible for corporate memberships

Prices for Pole Dance in BIG ONE FITNESS Club

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