Enjoy the excellently equipped halls – dance bars, rowing machines, punching bags, pump sets, balloons, elastic bands, jump ropes …

Special sports floor that protects your joints and high-quality sound systems with a total area of 300m2. Exercise to your maximum in an enjoyable atmosphere.

We offer a wide range of group exercise programs in the following forms:

Dynamic / Functional trainings

You burn a lot of calories during these. Fitness classes are based on the power of the most effective principles of functional and circuit workouts each include a comprehensive strengthening of the entire body in order to shape it and substantially develop your physique.

Team Pump

– intensive group training based on the principles of CrossFit. Lesson Pump Team develops strength and overall endurance, coordination dynamics and the individual’s ability to use the techniques for working with their own body weight.

Boot Camp

-intensive is a group indoor activity with a slightly militaristic character. Boot Camp is based on a broad set of exercises utilizing both ones own weight, as well as exercises with various tools. This lesson is popular with both men and women.

Six Pack Abs

Lessons focused on shaping the abdomen – a combination of comprehensive exercises for the whole body with isolated exercises for the abs only

Fit Abs & Booty

Whole body shaping workout aimed at firming problematic parts, especially abs and booty.


Core strengthening and stretching for a healthy back. Focuses on correct posture, correction of imbalance and stabilization of the spine. Elements of strengthening, pilates with stretching.


– Highly intensive interval workout, difficult and challenging method of interval cardiovascular training that quickly improves your physique and performance.

Exercise consists of a 20 second interval exercises carried out at 100%, and 10 seconds rest between intervals.

Functional Training

– Attempts to adapt or develop exercises which allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injuries. In the context of body building, functional training involves mainly weight bearing activities targeted at core muscles. Helps you to quickly shape your body and build muscle mass without fat.

Circuit Training

Dynamic fitness classes with elements of functional training, focusing on shaping, suitable for both men and women.

SUPER CARDIO – Cardio Inferno

Are you ready to feel the fire? Are you ready to feel the burn?Then be ready for Super Kardio a fat blasting, total body workout blending moves from kickboxing, yoga, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and weight training. You will have fun, burn calories, sweat, get your heart pumping and shed fat fast.

So whether you are  looking to drop bodyfat or get in shape, a beginner or advance athlete looking for a challenge, this class will test your cardiovascular power.


A 60 minute total body strength workout that challenges all of your major muscle groups. The workout features 9 tracks, each focusing on a different muscle group.Expect a good dose of squats, deadlifts, clean and presses, lunges, bicep curls,push-ups, chest presses, overhead presses as part of the mix.It will shape and tone all major muscle groups, increase core strength, improve bone health and leave you feeling strong and fit.


– a specific group activity on the rowing machines Concept. With rowing you quickly get in good physical condition, deal with the problematic parts of your body, reduce subcutaneous fat and due to the fact that rowing is an exercise without vibration, you save your joints and spine.

Body & Mind (slow health compensation lesson)

Develops quality of life and harmonizes the overall condition of your body and mind, reducing mental tension. Highly efficient program for solid and lean muscles with an emphasis on the proper implementation of techniques of individual exercises. It develops flexibility, relieves pain, stiffness of the spine, developing the joint range effectively strengthening the deep stabilizing system, which is important for good posture.

Power Yoga

– lessons focused on strengthening and stretching the muscles throughout the body and relaxing the mind. Based on traditional yoga positions that are attached to smooth, dynamic exercises.

Vinyasa flow Yoga

Vinyasa means movement aligned with breath. It is dynamic yoga. The basis is Sun Salutation, to which other positions of classical yoga are added. Vinyasa flow yoga puts more emphasis on breathing and free expression of the body and the discovery of our nature.

Healthy Back

Exercises to eliminate back pain, flabby belly and muscles and tight pecs. Healthy Back is strengthening the upper and lower cruciate syndrome and stretching the entire body. Suitable for beginners and advanced. Ideal if you have a sedentary job.

Healthy Back with physiotherapist

Exercise to eliminate back pain, compensation of upper and lower cross syndrome, flabby belly, short loins, weak muscles. It is a stretching of the  entire body. Suitable for beginners and advanced. Ideal for people working in offices.

Dynamic Yoga

This class is useing classic and dynamic element sof yoga.


-a safe and effective exercise method suitable for women and men of all ages. Strengthens and shapes the muscles of the body without a massive increase in muscle mass, improves body posture, functionality, stability and mobility of the spine and joints, balances muscle dysbalances, improves coordination, flexibility and balance, teaches proper breathing and correct movement stereotypes, helps to realize your own body and improves ability to control movements. It reduces stress and mental tension, reduces fatigue, because the muscles are used more efficiently and the body consumes less energy. Emphasis is placed on activating deep stabilizing muscles = preparatory method for any other physical activity.

Yoga for healthy back

 – Healthy yoga focused on the effective involvement of deep muscles, mobilization and stabilization of the spine, improvement of posture and correction of incorrect movement stereotypes. Harmonizes the musculoskeletal system, stretches and relaxes muscles and joints. Teaches proper breathing, improves concentration, soothes the mind.

Dance Lessons

Shape the physique into attractive curves and develop condition. Also significantly develop aesthetic-coordination skills and sense of rhythm. Individual movements are put together into choreographies.

Step Aerobics

– Aerobics with special equipement (steppers). The lesson is great for burning planty of calories.

Pole Dance

– ties together elements of many styles of dance – ballet, modern dance, salsa, etc. with elements of gymnastics.

The lessons are devided into free levels:

A = beginners

  • You should be able to: no need for previous experience with pole dance
  • You will learn: do basic turns and their combinations, different types of climbing, and a variety of sit-ups on the bar, you will be prepared to do the basic inverts, armpit hold tricks and other basic elements

B = Intermediate

  • You should be able to: do basic turns, climbing, lying and sitting position on the pole, the do basic air invert (called V)
  • You will learn: outside leg hang (Gemini), inside leg hang (scorpio), cupid, hip hold, butterfly, basic combination of elements, you will be prepared to do shouldermount, pencil and start rehearsing twisted GIRP hand spring, and other advanced tricks

C = Advanced

  • You should be able to: do Gemini, Scorpio, butterfly, cupid
  • You will learn: complex elements such as twisted spring hand grip, elbow grip, aysha, shloudermount, pencil, you will be able to do complex combinations of tricks, as well as tricks where flexibility is important and legs and back, for example: jade, russian split, cocoon and other very difficult tricks

Pole Flexi

–  exercise with pole for anyone who wants to have flexible back and legs. Suitable for beginners and advanced. Ideal for Pole Dance dancers.

Pole Workout

– power exercises and functional training with pole.

Pole Fitness

– strengthening of muscles needed for demanding elements of Pole Dance. Focused on still, slow elements for shaping the body and gaining strenght. You also learn different types of spins.

Free Pole

– come to practise what you have already learned from previous Pole Dance lectures. We are offering you 60 min without trainer, on your own risk, and without musical equipment. Feel free to bring your own musical equipment.

Pole Dance Kids

– for children 6 – 12 years. They will learn the basic elements of POLE DANCE, the right body posture, keep rhythm and hear the music. They will get basics of gymnastics, modern dance (street dance), acrobatics, ballet and choreography. Parents have the opportunity to accompany children at the lessons.

Cross Workout

– a specific group lessons under the guidance of a personal trainer, maximum number of people on is 6. More about the Cross Workout. (+ Prolink the CW section of the menu)

+ Open Gym

hall open to the public suitable for excercising with your body weight, Take advantage of all the equipment hall (punching bags, bossu, fitballs …)

at BIG ONE FITNESS Mendlák, Václavská 6

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