10 most common problems that we can help you with:

  • lose weight without unwanted “yo-yo” effect
  • sculpt and strengthen the body
  • gain muscle mass
  • improve your endurance
  • eliminate back pain caused by sedentary jobs
  • stretch tight muscles
  • rehabilitate after injuries
  • get rid of stress thanks to wellness
  • remove cellulite and smooth stretch marks
  • advise on nutrition

Maximum effect is achieved under the guidance of our personal trainers

Two modern fitness centers are waiting for you in Brno.

Just choose:

1) BIG ONE FITNESS Mendlák, Václavská 6

  • Fitness machines
  • Free weights machines and dumbbells
  • Cross Workout cage for training in crossfit style
  • Cardio zone
  • Hall for group lessons led by instructors

Fitness machines and dumbbells:

  • Zone with fitness machines with adjustable load with bricks or discs
  • zone with dumbbells and free weights with a special rubber floor for throwing dumbbells and weights
  • All machines are designed for both beginners and advanced athletes

Cross Workout + zone for functional training:

  • It is a innovation that is fundamentally a revolution in the classical concept of fitness! Cross Workout (prolink CW) is an exercise in Crossfit style (this exercise is well known in the USA). Experience the most complete functional training on the market, which gives you a perfect athletic body and builds an above-average andurance and condition.

We use special equipment:

Cross Workout cage consists of the trapeze, ropes, gymnastic rings, kettlebells, heavy balls, Olympic weights, racks, etc.

Cardio zone:

  • Cardio zone consists of 21 exclusive brand Nautilus machines – treadmills, elliptical (Cross trainers), steppers, treadmills and jogging stairs.


Spoteee will take you hundreds of miles away and you forget that you’re running. You will see exotic places and places you know. Apart from having fun you burn a lot of calories on the treadmill. There are more than 80 routes for you, which you can run.

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2) BIG ONE FITNESS Club, Benešova 14

  • high standard gym, which is divided into separate zones:
  • cardio equipment (treadmills and rowing machines, elliptical, steppers)
  • Zone of classic fitness machines
  • zone with dumbbells
  • bench press
  • zone for stretching and working with the weight of your own body
  • free weights
  • zone with two Power Plates
  • hall for classes with professional instructors

Fitness, classes and wellness area is included. You can enjoy the sauna world, salt stones wellness part and separate ladies sauna.

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