Operating Rules

BIG ONE FITNESS Club, Benešova 14/16, Brno, tel. +420 542 211 903

BIG ONE FITNESS “Mendlák” Václavská 6, Brno, tel. +420 543 254 616

The visitor is required to be aware of the operating rules before the first visit

And also be aware of its updates.

1. General operating conditions


Opening hours of the sports and relaxation centers:

BIG ONE FITNESS Club (hereinafter B1F C):

Mon-Fri 6:30-22:00

Sat-Sun 9:00-21:00

National holidays 9:00-21:00

BIG ONE FITNESS “Mendlák” (hereinafter B1F)

Mon-Fri 6:30-22:00

Sat. 8:00-20:00

Sun. 9:00-21:00

National holidays 9:00-21:00

For the purposes of sanitary measures, repairs, modernization of

equipment, etc.., may the opening times be changed. The customers will be always properly informed in advance about the change.


Prices for services are set in the price list B1FC and B1F


When entering our centers, visitors have to show their B1F of B1FC chip card or company´s bedge as their identification.

The receptionist must be notified about the visitors intention to use tanning beds and whirlpools.


The use of selected services (massages, solarium, personal training, nutrition advice, etc..) is necessary to be booked at reception or on-line. The group lessons can be also booked, if the visitor wants to be sure there is a place, but doesn´t have to be necessarily booked.

To use the booking, you must be at the reception desk 10 min.before the start.

If canceled more than 24 hours in advance the visitor has a right to a refund of the full price, if payed in advance.


It is possible to use our centers only in the prescribed and clean clothing and footwear.


Persons under sixteen years of age may use the facility only accompanied by a person older than eighteen years.


For changing clotes the visitor uses dressing room and he locks his clothes and shoes in the lockers that are locked with his onw lock (at B1FC). In B1F the lock will be rent against CZK 100 refundable deposit.


Valuables (jewelry, electronic equipment, etc..) and money is required to be kept in the safe box next to the reception desk

B1F and B1FC is not liable for potential loss of such things stored in the changing rooms or safe boxes.


It is forbidden to consume your own food and beverages.

Food and drinks can be purchased at the bar and can be consumed only at the area around bar.

Except drinks in plastic bottles, which can be consumed anywhere.


The visitor is obliged to behave in such a way that their actions do not bother other visitors, to follow the operating rules of B1FC and B1F and guidance of our staff, maintain order and cleanliness, behave considerately to all devices and avoid damage.


If you cause any damage or you notice any not working equipment you are obliged to report this fact to our staff (receptionist/manager).


For misbehaving and not keeping order or cleanliness the visitor can be reported from B1FC and B1F.


In case of health problems visitor must immediately inform the staff.


B1F and B1FC is not responsible for any personal belongings.

2) Rules of behavior in the fitness part of B1FC and B1F


Fitness equipment can be used only in a clean sports clothing, which covers the body from the shoulders to the knees, and clean sports footwear which must be intended for use in the hall.


It is forbidden to exercise on fitness machines without a towel used to extract sweat of your body and clothing from machines.


When having a break when excercising with dumbbells and weights, you must prevent the damage of the floor and upholstered benches and machines (use the rubber black mats).


When performing difficult and dangerous exercises it is necessary to have always someone reliable to secure you and assistant.


After completing exercises of each workout the machine must be put back to the starting position and weights and other equipement must be put back to the racks.


After completing the exercise on cardio machines you must clean it with a paper towel and disinfection, that you can find next to the cardio zone.


All equipment and floor that is dirty from magnesium or sweat must be cleaned after you finish your workout.


Exercise at your own risk.

3) Rules of behavior in the WELLNESS center in B1FC


The wellness is designed for simultaneous use of women and men, and therefore visitors must behave in such a way that their clothes always cover their intimate parts of the body. Appropriate clothing like swimsuits, barth towels or bed sheets are required, apart from wet zones like steam sauna, showers and whirpools.


With regard to wet environment, it is necessary to be careful when moving to prevent slipping.


After use of wet zones and visitor must always dry himsefl properly, so that the water is not carried out of these zones.


Entrance to WELLNESS is allowed only in appropriate footwear (slippers, flip-flops) – NO sports shoes.


Before entering the WELLNESS the visitor has to take a shower and wash himself with a shower gel or soap and it is necessary to change the clothes always in the dressing rooms, NOT in the wellness.


We recommend that you sit on a towel (hygiene reasons). Entry into the steam sauna without a towel, but clean the sitting bench with water before and after you.


Do not touch the lights in saunas and report any defects to the reception.


The client must follow the instructions of his doctor. B1F is not responsible for any health difficulties that sauna might cause to people with health problems.


WELLNESS is opened:

Mon-Fri till 21:00

Sat-Sun till 20:00

In the Summer opening times may be limited according to the extremely hot weather.

4) Rules of behavior for group lessons and OPEN GYM


Client can take part at group lessons only in appropriate and clean clothing and footwear. Sports shoes must be intended for use in the hall.


Used equipment must be cleaned and returned back to the racks after the end of the exercise.


When preforming martial arts the client has to use protective equipment.


OPEN GYM (hall for classes opened for public, when there is no class) – access and use according to the rules , which are also hanging in the hall of B1F( Václavská 6).

5) Safety and First Aid


The visitor undertakes the fitness and wellness facilities and services at his own risk and has to behave according to that fact.


The visitor should see a doctor before starting using the fitness and wellness facilities and services. Sports diagnostics and orthopedic consultation and InBody meassuring is highly recommanded, in order to conclusively confirm the visitor’s current health status and performance.


The visitor is obliged to use B1FC and B1F following the safety rules and guidelines of our staff and always take care and caution and not to endanger the health and life of other visitors.


B1F and B1FC is not responsible for the consequences of breaking the rules by visitors.


In case of health problems visitor must immediately inform the staff.


For the purpose of first aid there is a first aid kit available at the reception. It is fully equipped in accordance with general regulations.

Sylva Vajčnerová, CEO of BIG ONE FITNESS, Geste a.s.

In Brno 10.8.2014