Wellness and sauna world

Wellness and saunas for 100% relaxation

Treat all your senses. Look forward to the sauna world, Roman heated benches, whirlpools, a relaxation area and salt stones from the Dead Sea. All in the city center just a few minutes from the Central Station.

Sauna World

Steam sauna:

50 ° C – steam sauna salt helps breathing and improves mobility of muscles and joints. The salt steam also affects the skin which is more soft. Steam sauna also improves blood circulation.

Effects: relaxing, antiseptic, natural peeling of the entire body, strengthening of the immune system

Steam sauna will be switched on on request from 6:30 – 12:00 and 15:00 – 20:00 due to the necessary cooling of the sauna between individual cycles. Thank you for your understanding.

Finnish sauna 85 ° C:

–  It is ideal for improving mood and stave off depression. Strengthens the immune system.

Effects: overall physical and mental relaxation, strengthening the immune system

Finnish sauna 110 ° C:

– hot-dry sauna relaxes the muscles and regenerates them and generally releases the body after exertion. High Temperature helps the body to get rid of toxic substances and it also strengthens the immune system

Effects: rejuvenating, detoxification , regeneration of muscles, strengthening the immune system, overall physical and mental relaxation

Icy waterfall

– For intensive cooling of the body after the sauna

Relaxation area

Funny scented showers

– Enjoy a tropical rain, midnight storm or waterfall

Salt stones from the Dead Sea

– Release the breathing system and help regeneration of the body

The panoramic terrace

– See the spectacular AZ Tower, Brno station or passing trains from the top floor. At the same time, relax and cool down in the city center.

Heated Roman benches

– Are heated in the lower back area, which is one of the most common sources of back pain. Due to intense heat relaxes the muscles.

Whirlpool tubs

– Only in B1F the whole tub is filled right in front of you and after you will automatically wash. You have a perfectly clean water without chemicals. Hygienic charge for the clean water is 50 -Kč/20min.