Personal trainings

Why it pays off to invest in personal training?

  • Faster and more lasting results than individual effort
  • Throw away the bad habits, which harm you, or are unnecessary
  • You’ll discover how to train to reach your goals (get rid of fat, toning, building muscles, regeneration, excellent condition …)
  • Finally, you will learn how to use the machines in the gym, including the right settings and weights
  • You will learn how to train to save your back and joints and how to prevent injuries caused by bad exercising habits and there are more than you think
  • Coaches will also advise you about your eating habits, that are crucial in shaping

Have a look at BIG ONE FITNESS personal trainers and choose the right one for you.

Reservations for

Ondřej Mohyla, manager

tel: +420 601 575 769



B1F Mendlák, Václavská 6

Personal Training 480,- /60 min.
8x personal training 3.360,- (420, – / training )
12x Personal Training 4.920, – (410, – / training )
8x +8 x personal training + gym entrances 3.600 –
12x + 12x personal training+ gym entrances 5.160 –

B1F Club, Benešova 14

(high standard environment, more privacy, wellness center with saunas included)

Personal Training 520, -/60 min.
10x personal training 4.800,- 480,-/training
20x personal training 9.000,- 450,-/training
30 x personal training 12.000,- 400,-/training