BIG ONE FITNESS has a competitive team that is trained in our facilities.

pavlu Miloš Pavlů

  • Sporting achievements:Competitive bodybuilding since 1977
  • Champion of the Republic ČSSR
  • Champion of the Republic ČSFR
  • Two-time champion of Czechoslovakia
  • 2nd place Mr Europe
  • 2nd, 3rd, and 5th place Mr World
  • 7th place 2007 NABBA
  • 4th place Mr World 2012
  • Preparing for the Mr Olympia and Mr amateur World 2014


Zdena-Tvrda-foto-Reprezentanti Zdena Tvrdá

Sporting achievements:

  • Competitive bodybuilding
  • 6-fold champion of the Czech Republic
  • Double world champion
  • European Champion
  • Parties to the highest professional bodybuilding competition in women – Olympia – in New York, in Prague
  • Active in the Czech Republic national team member bodyfitness/ the World Championship in Spain



  • Team Spartans BIG ONE FITNESS Brno was established in February 2013
  • The goal of our team is to organize, promote and organize Brno CrossFit athletes with competitive ambitions at all levels:
    • spartansRepublic level
    • The European level
    • World level
  • 2013 – won the team competition (teams from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland)
    • 3 x gold
    • 1 x Silver
    • 1 x 4th place
  • 2013 – acquired in individuals (athletes and female athletes of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland)
    • The Open 2013 (placed among the top 800 athletes in Europe and in Top 6% of the athletes of the world)
    • 2 x gold
    • 3 x silver
    • 3 x bronz
    • 1 x 4th and 2 x 5th place



TomasHorak-pripravanaMSvkulturistice2013 Tomáš Horák

Strengthening started in 2008 and since then he has mastered his overall health regime.

In 2009, he got into the representation of the Czech Republic in bodybuilding and fitness.2009 – 2nd place in the Junior

  • Championship in 77 kg and 3rd place in the Junior Championship in 70 kg
  • 2010 – 1st place in the Championship of Moravia and Silesia Junior 70 kg + absolute winner and 1st place in the Junior Championship in 70 kg + absolute winner
  • 2010 – 4th place at the Junior World Championship (Turkey) – Classical Bodybuilding
  • 2012 – 1st place at the Junior World Championship (Hungary) – Classical Bodybuilding
  • 2013 – 6th place in the Men’s World Championship (Austria) – Classical Bodybuilding
  • 2014 – 1st place in the Championship of Moravia and Silesia men – classic bodybuilding up to 180 cm and 3rd place at the European Championship (Spain) – classic bodybuilding up to 175 cm


Dalibor Hájek

dalibor_hajek_sadaCzech representative, winner of several titles in the Czech rowing world champion in bodybuilding and winner of the most prestigious competitions in amateur Arnold Classik USA. Currently, a professional bodybuilder.

In 13 years he began rowing as a youngster he won the first gold medal of the championship of Czechoslovakia, has a total of 40 medals. As a junior he got into a representation of the World Championship and won 5th place. For Dukla Prague pulled out a nomination at the Olympics in Barcelona, – the year 1993.

Success in bodybuilding:

  • 2003 – won the championship in South Moravia and Silesia and Moravia Championship and finished fourth national championship
  • In 2004 he won the bronze of the Czech Republic and Europe ended on 8th
  • 2005 – Champion of the Czech Republic
  • The year 2006 started at the World Championship in Ostrava, where he finished 3 races start at elite Ironmen in Moscow-sixth place, Praha-fifth place, Tallinn-seventh place, England Portsmounth-eighth place.
  • 2011 gold medal at the World Championship, held in Baku, Azerbaijan from 5 to 8.November 2010. (The first Egyptian was eventually disqualified and Dalibor Hajek finally won the world title)
  • 3.2 – March 5, 2012 won the prestigious competition CLASSIK ARNOLD AMATEUR IN USA
  • August 15, 2012 granted a professional license
  • 2013 – The first professional season:
    • EVL’S Prague – 9th place
    • New York Pro 2013 – 15th place


Bendova Jana Ludmila Bendová

  • In 2010, she won the gold at the Cup of Moravia and Silesia in the category Body Fitness
  • Women’s World Cup and fitness men 2012 Poland – 3rd place in the category of female bodybuilding masters.
  • World Championship in Mongolia bodybuilding open 2013 2nd place
  • European Championship in Spain in 2014 Mixed Pairs 2nd place
  • My motto: “You break free,” “At the end of pain is success”
  • 18.7. 2014 ranked among professional bodybuilders.