Why does it pay off to train with a coach?

Why does it pay off to train with a coach?

Why does it pay off to train with a coach?

Coach vs. internet

Most of you gives the question: “Why should I train with a coach, when internet is full of advice? ‘. You might think it is an unnecessary waste of money. Internet can help you, but unfortunately it can also harm you or demotivate you because you might not have the results you want. It is full of articles written by so-called „experts“, amazing diets and undoubtedly guaranteed ways, how to gain muscle mass, how have a beautiful flat belly or even achieve amazing results without exercise. So just these articles or similar are often written absolute “layman” or ” self-appointed trainers ” who lack proper education. Almost all of the articles on internet have only one purpose of getting the most money from you by selling you something, which can be even dangerous to health, or is absolutely not good for your type of body and your goals. No one on the internet is looking at your current health, your experience, your metabolism and many other factors. This can not happen when you hire a top quality personal trainer. The coach will make an accurate diagnosis of your body and tell you what you can afford to do with your body. Everything is of course tailored to your current state of health, sport your past, your experience, age, weight, and what you want to achieve.


Why to train with a coach?

The coach is there for you. He will help you to achive your goals as fast as possible. He will motivate you and as you are constantly under professional supervision you will not destroy your health. So, if you are really serious, choose a professional help.


I can not afford apersonal trainer

People often say: “It is expensive and unnecessary.” But it is only about your priorities. If you can spend hundreds and thousands of Crowns (Dollars, Euros…) on cigarettes, alcohol, parties, unhealthy food, clothes that you don´t feel great in, because you are unhappy in your body… It is perhaps better to try to spend money in a different way. Eventually you will find that you spend the same amout of money, but on different lifestyle and you feel awesome.


Why pay about 500 – / h., When a friend of a friend takes only 150, – /h.?

If you have really decided to change your life, you know that quality comes at a price, and if you want results, you have to do something. Nowadays prices of personal trainings in fitness centers are similar, about 500, – /h. Surely you can find someone who will train you for only 150, – /h., but again it’s the same as looking for advice on the internet, you can not be sure about what the coach really knows what he’s doing. Often it’s beginning coaches who have no experience and you are their “guinea pig”. Sometimes these people are even without any coaching education, and think that what they excercise is right for everyone. NOT! 🙂 There are many types of trainings and it depends on many factors to select the ideal type of training for you.


How will the personal trainer change my life?

There´s a saying: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” There are a million excuses why you can not, but if you really want just do the step. Coach is the path to your dreams and your goals. The coach will always have an expert advice and help. He will correct bad habits learned from previous exercising with friends, show you the proper technique of exercises, teach you to prepare your own training and nutritions plans, principles of exercises shows. All of this is a much more efficient and faster way to your ideal physique and performance. You will see that you’ll love the new lifestyle 🙂

Roman Jurák, personal trainer B1F