Mgr. Ondřej Mohyla

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Mobile:   601 575 769

Motto:  „Only to want is not enough“


  • Graduate bachelor’s degree at Masaryk University, specialization Regeneration and Nutrition in Sport
  • Graduate master’s degree at Masaryk University, specialization Physical Education and Sport
  • Andrlesport level 2


  • Reconditioning exercises
  • Improvement of fitness condition
  • Exercise with your own body weight
  • Weight reduction
  • Removing back pain
  • Fascial stretching
  • On-line coaching
  • InBody
  • Muscle building
  • Body imbalance
  • Individual training plans
  • Individual nutritional plans


  • Fitness coach of the badminton team SK Kuklenská
  • I participated in the conditioning of professional hockey players (KHL, NHL), badminton players in the first 100 BWF rankings, orienteering team members, and others
  • Nutrition plans for members of the Czech skiing team, KHL and NHL players, orienteering representation members, badminton players Czech TOP 3, swimmers, nutrition plans for soccer and other competitions
  • Nutritional strategies for participants of the Spartan race, Iron Man race and members of the Slovak swimming representation.
  • Former team member of Andrlesport

Sports History:

  • football, box, judo, fitness